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Since our first day in business, Swiss Limited Editions has been offering our customers the best selection of Omega watch case spare parts.

Swiss Limited Editions has become synonymous with providing excellent product range, as well as expert knowledge and advise to customers wanting to modify or repair their Omega watches. We decided to transfer to a more dedicated website and this is it, we stock the best available case spare parts that Swatch Group made available, many items were exchange only so were never available. Check it out and start shopping today!


I've been buying OMEGA case spare parts mainly through Swatch Group in Australia for years- especially once aware Swatch Group who own OMEGA were ending worldwide supply to wholesale suppliers at the end of 2015 and would only be available to official Omega Service Centres. I knew over time these parts would become very  hard to source so decided to purchase as much as I could. The majority of Swatch Group like in the E.U. ended supply but S.G. Australia continued to supply several customers until November 2017 and then that was that! Swatch Group did increase most items prices well over 200% during this period to stem supply. The fact parts would become impossible to source, I wanted to help out in the supply of these part to individuals and watchmakers who were then unable to source the items and hoped it would be a good investment even at vastly increased cost prices.

I have a good stock of many items but supply has now ended to everyone (excluding official Omega Service Centers) so my stock won't last forever especially the more sought after Limited Edition Dials etc. 

Customer service is excellent, I stock many Limited Edition parts for customers wanting to mod there Speedmaster watches plus many other great items. Can’t find what you’re looking for as I don't have everything advertised? Contact me.


We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch, and we’ll reply promptly.


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